Mobile Lung Testing

RSS offers mobile spirometry testing across Australia to make it easier for your staff and patients to have their lungs checked onsite.

Mobile testing options include:

  • Spirometry
  • Complex DLCO testing
  • FeNO (Exhaled Nitric Oxide)
  • CO Testing (smoking cessation)

Support Coverage

Regional Employers

We support regional employers that choose to have lung screenings performed locally.

Local GPs

We provide local doctors with the guidelines for testing and review reports as well as offering in-clinic respiratory testing.

Employee Screenings

We conduct Lung screening for employees working with crystalline silica, manufactured stone products and other industries where employees are exposed to harmful chemicals and materials.

WorkSafe Compliance

Compliant with WorkSafe Vic approved standards, RSS is providing a lung screening service for employers who have received a SafeWork improvement notice.