Pre-Appointment Information

What to expect

Step 1


Call our hotline to book an appointment.

Step 2


Attend your 1 hour appointment to get fitted in our equipment and receive a set-up guide.

Our equipment is delicate so it is not recommended to take public transport or run any errands. Below is information about what to wear for your appointment and sleep study.

Step 3


Follow the equipment set-up guide provided in your appoinment and then go to sleep. 

Step 4

Return Equipment

When you wake up, follow the instructions from your set-up guide. Then return to Respiratory & Sleep Service to drop off your equipment. 

Appointment Preparation


  • Clothes suitable for sleep, particularly on your top half as once the monitors and wires are on you cannot remove your shirt. Loose fitting pants, skirts etc are all acceptable
  • We recommend that you also bring a button-up/zip-up top to cover the equipment while traveling home
  • Once fitted with the sleep equipment you can go about your normal nightly routine.

Personal Hygiene

  • Please shower prior to your appointment, as our equipment is not waterproof and avoid using moisturizers/oils on your skin/hair
  • Men: Full beards are okay, but if you are normally clean-shaven, please remove any stubble as it prevents proper attachment of the sensors
  • Women: Please make sure that one of your fingertips is bare of nail polish and/or acrylics, so we can attach the oxygen sensor


You may be asked to complete a Sleep Diary before your appointment. Click to download here.